Cards From Training Camp Review

Here I will explain more about cards which you can get when you start playing Clash Royale. First when you start playing this game you will have to play training camp. This is like some kind of a tutorial which will help you a lot and earn you some cool cards.

Here you can earn 12 different cards, some are pretty great, and some are very bad in my opinion and you should avoid using them. So here I will try to explain you which cards are good, and which I think are bad and why. I will also explain how to use these cards from training camp and in which situations. Our friends from France translated this guide and put it on their website, so if you are from France, you can check it out.

I will give a grade to every card from 1 to 10 explain how much elixir you need for it and in which situation and with what strategy you should use it. As I said already there are 12 different cards (10 unit and 2 spell cards) so we should start right away. You can also watch the video below if you like watching over reading.

Which Cards Can You Get

Lets start, and remember I will grade every card for 1 to 10 and tell you why I graded it that way.

Baby Dragon Card

Baby Dragon

Grade: 9

4 Elixir Needed

I give it grade 9 because I really think that this card is amazing. You can use baby dragon as a tank and put your troops behind. It does AOE damage, so its pretty useful against opponents big groups on the ground and against troops in the air as well. So far Ive been using this card in every deck, and thats why I think its a great card.

Prince Card


Grade: 10

5 Elixir Needed

I gave this card a 10 because if you know how to use it correctly than its truly amazing. This card is used partially as a tank card, and its probably the best unit for taking down towers fast. With this card only you can take down the tower if they dont stop you. If you use some other tank card in the combination with prince then you will surely take down the tower.

Skeleton Army Card

Skeleton Army

Grade: 8

4 Elixir Need

This card is pretty cool as well. As you can guess its very weak against any unit that does AOE damage especially air units, but I can be used to stop prince for example, or slow down any tank unit. If your opponent doesnt have any AOE cards available, this card can also be used behind any tank card to take down towers. It can also put down almost any of the opponents ground tank card.

Witch Card


Grade: 5

5 Elixir Needed

I gave this card a grade 5 because I dont really like it that much. Somehow I find this card pretty useless. In theory you should put this card behind a tank unit and it can summon skeletons every once in a while and cause some damage. But I find this card pretty useless and its too expensive, so I never use it in my decks.

Bomber Card


Grade: 5

3 Elixir Needed

There is not really that much to talk about when it comes to bomber. Its a splash card that do AOE damage, with pretty low health. You need to put it behind a tank, and it can cause some nice damage to small units.

Giant Card


Grade: 7

5 Elixir Needed

Its pretty useful card and you should have it in your deck if you dont have prince. I gave it grade 7, because its too slow and it doesnt attack enemy units. Its a tank card by the way.

Archers Card


Grade 6:

3 Elixir Needed

I gave this card a 6 because you need to put it really well in order for it to do some real damage. Its main purpose is attacking enemy air units.

Knight Card


Grade: 5

3 Elixir Needed

Its a very cheap tank card, which can be used in some decks, but I dont personally use it in my, you will get some nice cards from higher arenas, so I dont think you will need this card.



Grade 4

5 Elixir Needed

Its good against air enemies and as single DPS, it can do some good damage if you place it right, but I gave it only grade 4 because it cost 5 elixir and has very little health, so its really not worth it.

Mini P.E.K.K.A Card

Grade 2

4 Elixir Needed

This is one of the worst cards in my opinion. Its main role and only role is single DPS and it can fool you, that its useful, because it does some really high damage, but it has so low health and in most cases it ends up doing nothing. You should avoid this card.

And there are 2 spell cards as well.

Fireball Card


Grade: 4

4 Elixir Needed

This is a spell card that does AOE damage and it can come handy on low levels, but after that its pretty much useless.

Arrows Card


Grade 8

3 Elixir Needed

This card does AOE damage and it can kill very large groups of enemy units anywhere on the map. Its especially useful against large groups of small units. And it cost only 3 elixir which is great.

And thats it about cards that you can get in training camp. I hope you find this useful and if you like this please share it with your friends. If you want to get unlimited gems for free, then you can do it right here on our website. We will continue to provide you with value guides, tips and tricks about Clash Royale.

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